5 Beautiful Unconventional Destination Wedding Locations, India


MUSSOORIE – Queen OF Hills

Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand also known as ‘Queen of Hills’. The place has variety of flora and fauna and offers a majestic view of Shivalik Ranges. This place is known for its stunning tree-covered hills that look down upon the Doon valley, the dreamlike view of the Himalayas at sunset, and the clear blue skies. You could cover canals, orchids, waterfalls, and eye-catching architecture for a pre-wedding shoot. A picture perfect wedding surrounded by mountains & stunning scenery all around you.


Every bride dreams of a Fairytale Destination wedding and Fairytale weddings do come true in Shimla. An intimate wedding is preferable when celebrating in Shimla. Why think of Shimla only for honeymoon? Be a part of the cool pine clad hills with several colonial sights. Serene environment, pleasant climate, snowy hills, splendid scenery and natural beauty will make your wedding grand instantly. The perfect place for a conventional yet contemporary wedding especially in the summers.

Coorg – Scotland of india

Kodagu, more popularly known as Coorg, is located on the forested western ghats of southwestern Karnataka. Known as much for its peppy coffee, lush green valleys, virgin forests and rustic spices as for its rich martial history & brave warriors, Coorg is often also called the land of cardamom, colonels and the Cauvery. Marriages are made in heaven is a very clichéd phrase to use when it comes to a wedding in Coorg.

Ranthambore – Simply Majestic

Ranthambore National Park is a vast wildlife reserve near the town of Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan, northern India. It is a former royal hunting ground and home to tigers, leopards and marsh crocodiles. Its landmarks include the imposing 10th-century Ranthambore Fort, on a hilltop, and the Ganesh Mandir temple. Also in the park, Padam Talao Lake is known for its abundance of water lilies. What better locations to have a small intimate wedding in the wild. Before your get all excited…No! we cannot host the wedding inside the park J. But you can pan an unforgettable & most beautiful wedding experience at Ranthambore. So get going…plan your wedding in the wild for some extra fun & thrill.

Rishikesh- The Holy Trail

Rishikesh is a city in India’s northern state of Uttarakhand, in the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River. An idyllic setting to forge new beginnings or to renew your vows. What better place to enter in to holy matrimony than in Rishikesh next to the holy River Ganges, with its beautiful spiritual setting and unparalleled natural beauty.

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Spread the Big News!!!

A day that you’ve never lived before, just fantasied, when its no more a dream but a startling truth of the near future. You want to shout out to the world that you have found the one. It’s time to dive into a new adventure.
Well whats the first item on your list…..INVITATIONS of course, and obviously you want it to be nothing of the ordinary.
We hope our list of these unique and not so usual invites will make the decision a little easier.

It is said, “Life is like a puzzle, hard to piece together, but beautiful when all the pieces are put together.” An invitation like no other that encourages your guest to join the pieces together and be there on your special day.

Catching the humour , giggles, crack and laughter through your way to the D day, these invites will definitely bring a smile to your guests, giving them a glimpse of the quirky personalities of the star crossed lovers

Headlines today!! Wedding of the century!!
These newspaper themed invites let your guest dive through your romance, the story of love jumping off Pg. 3. After all you are the news of the season.

Yum whats in there!!
Well nothing says it like chocolate made from the exquisite blend of love, care, friendship and some secret ingredients. Bet your will agree too.

An amalgamation of different burst of colours, with a delicate work of art at the centre, soft feathers enhancing the look, this Boho themed invitation definitely brings the magic of dreamcatchers to your big day.

A story that found its way home through the many barriers of life, coz like they say
“People who were meant to be together will always find a way back to each other.”

“Once in a while, right in the middle of the ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale”
so why go for the ordinary, these three dimensional invites will definitely peak the interest of your guest and make them look forward to your wedding day as much as you.

Indian Weddings Turning into Picture-Perfect Fairytale Events

A wedding is a beautiful occasion to celebrate and announce the beginning of a beautiful relationship between two souls.The celebrations are done in different styles in different parts of the world.There is no doubt that every culture from across the world has their unique way to rejoice this instance. While all the cultures make sure the best happens while tying the knot, there is something about the Indian weddings that make them unique, spectacular, and fascinating in every possible way.

Here, we will tell you the little secrets to turn your D-day into the most alluring and glamorous experiences of the lifetime. The foremost secret remains the same, tried and tested formula from the old ages- Perfect weddings are always planned ahead and executed by pros. Yes, you heard it right; one definitely needs specialists like best Indian wedding planner, who are skilled in the art of nailing the arrangements in the right way.

In olden times, this task was taken over by some family elders, however, in today’s fast and hectic life, one need to trust the responsibilities on a professional wedding planner service provider, who knows how things work as they must have worked on similar projects beforehand and knows the nitty-gritty of the game. This way, you would be left to enjoy your life’s most important moment, while experts work in the background to make it the most memorable event of your life.

If you are due to marry soon and are getting worried about how to arrange the wedding, then worry no more as some of the best wedding planner service providers who will ensure you have the best of all what is needed to make your occasion the most memorable event of your lifetime…after all weddings don’t happen every day. When you have experts making sure all things are done beyond perfect and within timelines, you can sit back and relax all the while knowing you would be having a good time on your special day sans the stress of arranging all. When you entrust the responsibilities on to one of the trusted and best Indian wedding planner, you can remain stress-free and enjoy the moment.

Experienced planners would know how to calculate the estimated cost, as to what rough percentage of your budget will be spent for different event arrangements. The best part of having a wedding planner service provider is their promptness towards securing the services or products well in advance to avoid last minute rushes.

Reaching the right wedding planner is very important, so that you can enjoy every moment of your BIG day. Super-Duper Weddings is among the Top Indian Wedding Planners – delivering the best in class wedding management services by utilizing creativity, technology and meticulous planning. A team of professional wedding planners working round the clock to make your dream wedding a reality and create an experience exceeding your expectations at any location or destination in India or across the world.

So don’t wait for more, schedule an appointment before the grand day to make it ever more special.

Quick Tips to Avoid Last Minute Rushes During Wedding Planning

Did you know what it takes to host a smooth event sans all the stress of arranging things? Well, the answer is simple: you must know some quick tips to emerge as a smart luxury wedding planner. With proper planning and the right kind of venue, food, and arrangements, one can turn their ordinary wedding event into a luxury experience.

Indian wedding celebrations are fascinating and detailed due to the lively dressing of the wedding couple and guests, rituals, music, dancing, as well as the spectacular decorations. Apart from these essentials, the gourmet food served is simply amazing and worth your precious taste buds. The sizzling food counters are made up to allure the guests, so you can simply gorge upon some amazing delicacies (sans the guilt of consuming extra calories) and even get to booze the whole night.

If you too are looking forward to have gala celebrations in the most extravagant style, then get hold of one of the talented luxury wedding planners who know exactly what it takes to make your dreams come true for the D-day.
Here are a few reasons why it works well to have a planner:
TIMELY FOLLOW-UP WITH THE HIRED VENDORS – it is extremely important to do timely follow ups with your hired vendors to ensure smooth running of arrangement process. If you yourself are managing everything, then this can be quite a task. But if you have hired professional help, then you can sit back and relax while they work their way up to your happiness. With their inner knowledge of the markets, wedding planners in Delhi can help you get the best prices and that too with best quality services and products. They will also take care of timely follow ups to ensure everything is running smoothly.
HIRE A TRUSTED WEDDING PLANNER -Hiring a luxury wedding planner will ensure many things. Every essence of it from the decoration, food, dance steps and choreography to clothes, everything will be polished and presented to you in the best way to make you fall in love with it.
When you hire one of the best wedding planners in Delhi, you not only get someone who takes the burden of arrangements off your shoulder, but you also get to host a flawless and fancy event to your family, friends, and loved ones. Thus, all those appointments, design approvals, sample menus checking, all will be taken care by the planners.
With these useful tips, you will be able to enjoy your occasion rather than worrying about getting the arrangements right.