About US

Love, Laughter and Happiness priceless emotions, experienced with Super-Duper Weddings.

Our deep love and passion for our work ensures that you and your guests are never left alone. There would be enough and more of activities, entertainment and laughter all around to keep you all company.

Laughter that is sincere. Laughter that emanates from minds and hearts that are swelling with joy and celebration. Laughter that is blissful. And at the end of the functions when you are seeing off your guests and families, the sense of happiness that flows in from deep down your heart is for real. A priceless reality created by Super-Duper Weddings. First time. Every time.

As you have made the beautiful choice to get married, we make a promise to you. A sincere promise to give ‘your long and happily married life’… a fairy tale beginning, more than what you have imagined!

A beginning that will make the start of your new journey in life a vividly enthralling and blissful experience, that you will reminisce and enjoy all your life!

We, at Super-Duper Weddings respect your choices in everything that you want for your ‘big day’. And we will leave no stone unturned to understand your family’s and your choices, tastes and needs and bring them to you and your guests on this gala day! It is your wedding and we will make sure that on this day the world revolves around you.

With a passionate team that always goes out of its way to deliver more than what it promises… And a total man-year experience of more than 50 years in planning and managing eclectic events, we at Super-Duper Weddings can make a promise with surety. And we will delight you at every step of it!

Do call us or drop in your enquiry, and we will reach out to you and be with you all the way till we set you off on your honeymoon with a prayer…

May the paths be auspicious, And the winds favorable, As you embark on a new journey in life.