Wedding Planner in Mumbai

“Yeh hai Bambai meri jaan.” The city of dreams Mumbai, casts its magical spell on everybody who encounters it in their journey. And rightly said Mumbai is not a destination… it is a journey. A journey of varied experiences laden with vibrancy, energy, vivacity and glamour. Mumbai is the true cosmopolitan megapolis of India – a melting pot of India’s history and cultures in all its colors and tastes. Perhaps the only city in India that seamlessly displays and blends its Indian roots, its colonial past and its modern today, in its architecture, geography, gourmet, colors and lifestyle – A place where the traditional India seamlessly merges with the modern highlife.

And if you have shortlisted Mumbai as your dream destination to host your wedding. Look no where! Mumbai presents to you on a platter everything and more that you would want to make your big day the way you have envisaged it to be. You can choose from the opulent to the elegant, from the flashy to the sedate, from the contemporary to the traditional, from the main stream to the regional… everything as you would want, including a variety of entertainment options! And to top it all, Mumbai along with Delhi is a city with the best international and national connectivity on all modes of travel.

Mumbai has a huge number of venue options ranging from the really luxurious to the not very expensive, Mumbai can host weddings that can have guests ranging from thousands to a hundred. And the variety of venues can make you spoilt for choice! All the hotel chains from around the world and India, have its presence in the city. And a plethora of standalone wedding banquets and venues provide you the variety and flexibility of cost, style and scale. But take heed, being the prime city and centre, all venues get booked atleast a year in advance! So, if you are really looking at hosting your big day in the ‘maya-nagri’ you need to do it right now… Call us now to help you choose and book venues of your choice.

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